Sunday, June 20, 2010

U-Pick season begins

Since the strawberry season has begun - and therefore we should all be filling our freezers soon - I'm tracking down U-picks in the province. I've found this one listing (and it includes an organic strawberry place I had seen in my travels last year, so I hope it's still around!) If people have more u-pick sources send them on!


  1. Just called up to Bates' Landing Strawberry U-Pick. They're listed as an organic strawberry producer, although I haven't been able to confirm yet. Nonetheless, they're hoping to open the U-pick by the end of the week. (They're near Hampton). More on strawberries and organic strawberries soon (remember they're high on the list of Dirty Dozen)

  2. I also called Bate's, left a message, but have not heard back yet.
    Did you confirm when the season opens?
    Keep us posted. :-)

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