Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to find organic in Atlantic Canada

So, a basic resource that you'll want for finding organic food in the Maritimes is the marvellous ACORN site. ACORN is the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network - i.e. the association of organic producers and sellers in Atlantic Canada. Their head office is right here in NB in that hotbed of food activism: Sackville (I am dying to get to the Sackville market this summer). ACORN, bless them, has this marvellous on-line directory of organic sources in the Maritimes where you can just pump in "Blueberries" and up pops all the organic blueberry producers, sellers, u-picks, u-name-its in the region. You can also search by province or narrow it down to a producer or a market or a CSA. ACORN's fantastic site is here:


And, doubly bless them, they now have a map of organics in the region on their homepage. You can also sign up to their Facebook page and receive newsletters and updates. It's really the best resource we have for at least finding those folks registered with ACORN. So check it out - you'll be amazed at what you find!

Two other sources you should know about:

The Conservation Council of NB's Find Local Food page - which also has a database for NB:
Find Local Food
Here you can pick your region and get a list of all the farms, farm stands, markets etc. in that region. Great if you're doing some touring this summer!

And, the Really Local Harvest Coop/ Recoltez de chez nous, which provides all sorts of resources on local, environmentally friendly producers in the Southeast region of NB:
Really Local Harvest
The Really Local Harvest folks came up with the "eco-logik" label that you'll see on some farms in south-eastern NB. The label is reserved for those producers who reduce their chemical inputs through more sustainable farming methods.

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