Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beef, Wild Boar and Buffalo

So while we await the appearance of more NB/Maritime veggies we should also note the growing availability of free range/grass fed meats in NB. Now while I'm cutting down on meat and agree that industrial meat production is a huge burden on the planet, what mean I do eat now I'm trying to make not only local but grass fed/free range/ sustainable etc. It's surpisingly not that hard to find in NB. I'm a big fan of Dave Bunnett's organic, grass fed beef. He's raising cattle in Havelock (where you can stop by to pick up your meat) but his beef is also available both at the Dieppe Market and the Kingston Peninsula Market. And you can order these terrific freezer packs from him which frankly I think are competetively priced with your generic grocery store beef. Check out his website: Bunnet Family Farm
The beef is excellent - way more flavour than grocery store beef and leaner too - so cook with care. Dave gives excellent advice on this.

There are other more esoteric options in NB however
One I found on my way through the old (890) highway from Sussex to Petitcodiac - Brabant's wild boar meat in Newtown/Knightville. Wild boar is very lean and tastier than pork. I had some lovely chops the other night - they need to be cooked slow and low to retain their moisture. It's very low in saturated fat, lower than pork, and only slightly higher than chicken. Brabants

The other night I cooked up their also very tasty and lean sausages along with sauerkraut from Lewis Mountain (outside Moncton)that I also picked up at the Dieppe Market. Apparently there's an organic Lewis Mountain sauerkraut as well.

And in the same trip, I picked up some buffalo meat at the Dieppe market from SeaWind Buffalo Ranch in Bouctouche. Fabulous hot Italian sausages from them. Again very lean and the sausages had a marvellous fennel flavour. Highly recommended if you like Hot Italian. The Buffalo at Seawind are grass fed - avoiding all the problems of grain fed meat.
Seawind Buffalo Farm

There are other sources I'm sure, in fact I'll check it out on the ACORN site....which I will introduce in the next post.


  1. And of course, not to be forgotten, there is Kuinhoeve Meats in Sussex which has a store in Rothesay: www.kuishoeve.ca

  2. *And* Cedar Lane farms - which is raising pigs, lamb and turkeys...