Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fundy Gardeners

Another site of interest is the blog sponsored by Fundy Gardeners, a local group of approximately 125 gardeners who meet monthly to listen to landscapers, expert gardeners of all kinds and specializations, as well as producers, and biologists. These talks are often accompanied by beautiful slide or powerpoint presentations.

During the summer members open their gardens to other members every Wednesday night. The focus tends to ornamentals, shrubs, and flowering plants, but there are many members who have outstanding vegetable gardens as well.

All members receive discounts at a large number of local garden supply stores and nurseries.

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  1. Thanks Debra! Maybe they can help with my wilting dill plant - it apparently doesn't get along well with thick fog! My organic tomato plants from Amrosia seem to be fine though as is the lovely organic basil from Northern Arrow....