Sunday, October 24, 2010

More nuts and seeds - on sale now! But going fast...

Heads up! Nut prices are set to rise according to a recent Globe and Mail article. I admit the battle over Canadian potash (so vital to worldwide conventional farming) as the Australia mega-giant BHP Billiton tries to monopolize this vital commodity has me regularly trolling the businesses pages. Interestingly food issues show up quite regularly. In this past week there was this extensive article on nut prices being driven up by growing demand in Asia. While wholesale prices have already gone up 40%, we Canucks (as well as Americans) have been protected by the purchase contracts already in place under older pricing. Now these contracts are up and prices are soaring. Pecans are apparently the target crop but almonds and walnuts (those much touted healthy nuts) are set to follow as well as cashews, pistachios, peanuts, macdamias, pine nuts and brazils the prices for which are already up by 70%. All that to say you might want to buy in bulk now. In fact, if you're in Saint John at least I noticed that the organic nuts were marked down by quite a bit yesterday at the Super Store (they may be getting to the end of their shelf life - but presumably you can freeze them?) In any case, check out the nuts and seeds in the organic section at the Super Store for some good deals. Otherwise you can get organic nuts at Aura in Fredericton I know. And you can order some organic seeds (including those pumpkin seeds!) from Speerville Flour Mill


  1. Not nut related but can you recommend any organic poultry farmer's in or around SJ area? Or maybe you have a blog post on poultry that I could read. Thanks!

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