Sunday, August 1, 2010

I scream, you scream

Lucky happenstance took me to the Sussex Farmers' Market again this Friday (it runs Fridays from 11.m. to 6pm) just as the ice cream craving was coming on. Well, actually I was driving to Shediac from Saint John and realized it was 5:30 on a Friday as we came through Sussex and then I began having visions of Dave Freeze's Sussex ice cream (was the peanut butter and chocolate on? Would there be new flavours?) I got there just in time to dig into a to-die-for pistachio ice cream (with actual pistachios in it) and to be told that Dave was hard at work mixing up new batches for the Dieppe market the next day. I immediately made plans to go to the Dieppe market in the morning and indeed, we found Dave in the Dieppe market scooping out all sorts of flavours (blueberry crisp was the latest addition). Now here's one of the many pleasures of shaking the hand that feeds you... Dave and I had a great chat (I finally got my hands on the pb and chocolate) and I mentioned that people had been asking me about ginger ice-cream. It's apparently a flavour that a lot of Maritimers remember from their childhood. A friend currently living in Boston was with us and chimed in that there's a Boston ice-creamery that does molasses and ginger ice cream. Dave was immediately on the case; we could see him thinking out recipes in his head. So stay posted, ginger/molasses icecream may yet appear on the roster. See? Another reason to get out there and meet our local producers - they might even begin making things for you you've been looking for. So remember, summer is short, ice cream is one of its highest pleasures, if you're in Sussex on a Friday or the Moncton area on Saturday - go to the markets and find Sussex icecream. You'll thank me later...


  1. For everyone in Moncton who has an ice cream craving during the week Dolma foods on Saint George St. has several Sussex Ice Cream flavors for sale. I just tried the peanut butter and chocolate and it's awesome.


    PS I grew up eating the original Sussex Ice Cream. Nice to see someone bringing the brand back.

  2. Oh yes, Dolma Foods! A fantastic new store in Moncton featuring all kinds of local artisanal goodies including Au Fond du Bois cheese, Choco Cocagne's to-die-for handmade chocolates, and Ferme du Diamant pates and smoked duck breast and all those fabulous things Ferme du Diamant makes. More on Dolma Foods soon!