Monday, May 31, 2010

Real Food in New Brunswick

Well I've been meaning to do it, so I've finally done it - started a blog so people can share where to find real food in NB. By "real" I mean locally grown, locally made, maybe even organic where we can find it. And I'm only starting in NB because that's where I am, but I don't intend to limit it to just NB - that 100 mile circle can stretch to NS, PEI, Quebec and Maine quite easily. And heaven knows I'm a keen fan of things tropical such as coffee, chocolate and sugar, so if I can find it fair trade, I consider that "real" too - as in it provides a real and sustainable living for those who produce it. My goal is just to help us all share information on where good food can be found in our own backyard. So I'll just start blogging about what I've found and where I've found it and hope that others join in. New Brunswick, it turns out, is quite rich in real food - you just have to look for it...

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